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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pink Princess & Castle Cake

So, here is my second cake I made using my new Cricut Cake I got for Christmas from the teachers over at Talbot Hill Elementary. I made this cake as a 'thank you' for the Cricut, with many more to come of course!

The cake was a lemon pound cake with cream cheese buttercream and blueberry filling. The princess and all of the castles were cut out using the Cricut Cake. The strings of pearls were filler I bought in the floral dept of the local craft store.

Isn't she pretty!
(pronounced "pu-urdy"!)


staceyscakes said...

Hi Erin! I am actually planning on making this same cake for my nieces birthday in a few weeks. I saw the design on HSN, and I knew it would be perfect! I think your cake looks amazing, and I have a questions for you about the princess on top. How did you get her to stay upright? Thank you for your advice, your cakes are amazing!!

Erin Eason said...

Stacey -

Thanks! Right after I cut her out I used a toothpick and inserted it into the bottom of the dress. Once she was completely dry I just stuck the toothpick princess in the cake. Voila!

Lori Watt said...

I love the this cake!

AND your PvZ cake is AMAZING! My son wants a PvZ birthday party.....

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