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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love crocheted hats!

This past month I have been learning to crochet. I specifically wanted to learn to crochet baby and toddler hats. Anna had one when she was born and it was my inspiration to learn to crochet them myself. Now that I know how, there will probably be more hats around than we know what to do with. Here are a few pictures from this week. New colors and styles coming soon!

New Gerber Daisy Tutu

I made this tutu last week for an auction and I thought it turned out super sweet. Therefore, Anna and I were off to Molback's to take some pictures. Tutu is cute but the pictures just don't do it justice this time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day Tutu

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Show your little girl how much you love her this Valentine's Day with a posh little tutu. You can custom design each tutu to your liking. 54 colors available. Place your order today!

I love you sooooo much!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tiny Pies

I feel like everything I have been crafting recently has been tiny. Tiny cakes, tiny onesies, tiny pies...maybe next time I'll try to make something BIG!

I saw a mold for these tiny pies at William-Sonoma and I had to try them. They were super fun to do and they turned out pretty good too. We didn't only make the classic apple pies, but Austin helped to make tiny star shaped pizza pies for dinner that night. My mind is racing with all the fillings I might put into these tiny star pies.

New Year, New Babies

This new year has brought many people we know new additions to their families. New babies are so cute and fun and it gives me the opportunity to create so new cute and fun things for them. Check out the burps clothes, onesies and matching bib and onesie sets that I made this month!

Handmade flannel burp cloths were one of the best gifts I got at my baby shower. I made these to pass on the love.

Beautiful Butterfly Onesie

Initial Onesie for Baby Lilah

Cute Cupcake Onesie

Matching Bib & Onesie Set for Baby Finley

Christmas Cakes

I saw this idea somewhere on the web and immediately became fascinated with the ideas of being able to bake these little cake directly in their jars and then be able to store or freeze them as little individual treats for...whenever! So, I did just that. I practiced first with a store bought box cake. I put together then mix, poured about a 1 cup into each jar and baked them on a baking sheet at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. While the cakes were in the oven, I boiled the lids so they would be ready when the cakes came out of the oven. As soon as the cakes were out, I sealed them with the hot lids. You can hear them making a 'ping' sound as they cool down and seal. Soon, I was obsessed and my kitchen became a cake-in-a-jar sweat shop. Gingerbread, pumpkin, cinnamon swirl, and chocolate cake they became Christmas gifts for everyone we knew. A four pack of delicious single serving cakes you can take directly our of your pantry or freezer, warm in the microwave and eat directly from the cute little jar with a fork. So fun...and yummy!

Happy Birthday to the Sluggger-Lady!

I was so excited to mae this cupcake, and the perfect time to make it presented itself this last month. One of my kiddos Fairy Godmother's, Slugger's, birthday! Happy Birthday to Slugger!

It looks just like her, huh?