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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Washington State Cake Show 2012 - A Fairy Tea Party Cake

This is the Fairy Tea Party Cake I made for the Washington State Cake Show. The theme of the show was 'Decorated to a Tea'.   I entered it in the advanced catagory and won Best of Category!  The cake also won the Best of Theme award! 

Ballerina Jewelry Box for the Evergreen State Fair 2012

I made this Ballerina Jewelry Box cake for the Evergreen State Fair cake competition this year. I recieved a First Place ribbon and a Special Merit ribbon as well. I am super happy with how things went at the fair and I am looking forward to entering again next year.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elmo Muppet Cake

I wanted to practice the techniques I learned from the Muppet class I took with Lauren Kitchens and decided to make Elmo. I mostly wanted to practice doing the hair texture with modeling chocolate and see how that turned out. Elmo ended up going to an auction which raised money for a mission project that my friend Amie was leading. Amie and her team were raising funds for Project Kesho, which enabled them to go to Tanzania and help build playground equipment and deliver shoes and school supplies to the kids in local schools there. Elmo was glad to support Project Kesho and is now hanging out on my kitchen counter. Stop by and say 'Hi' to him if you want.

Muppet Cake Class with Lauren Kitchens

 I had the awesome opportunity to take a class from Lauren Kitchens . Lauren ownes Fancy Cake by Lauren in Dallas, TX.  Lauren is famous for muppetizing the judges on the Food Network's Cake Challenge.  For this class we got learn all about muppetizing people.  Our first challenge was to choose someone we knew to use as our inspiration and then go about replicating their likness into a muppet.

 I chose my daughter, Anna. 

For this class, we worked on styrofoam dummies,  The body, head and 'splat' on the cake were all accomplished using modeling chocolate.  I had never used modeling chocolate before and I think I have found my new favorite medium.  It is so awesome!  I'm so glad I got the opportunity to take this class and look forward to making many more muppets in the future!

The finished product...and side-by-side comparison.

A class full of muppets.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Batman & Robin Cake

I made this cake for 2 brothers turning 1 and 3 years old on the same weekend. This cake was double the fun!

Fancy Shoe Cake

It's a known fact that all girls love shoes, which is what makes this cake a perfect gift for any lady. The shoe box was a vanilla cake filled with caramel buttercream and dusted with sea salt. I covered the box in fondant and added the birthday girl's initial for personalization. But it's the patent leather gumpaste heel that really takes the cake...and it's just my size.

My best gumpaste rose

All of my cake friends know that I do not like to make gumpaste flowers.  I'll try to start some flowers but I grumble about it the whole time.  I'll make gumpaste people or figures any day over working on flowers.  Flower just take so long! Can you hear the whining? I sound like my kids. However,  a couple of months ago I was determined to prove that I actually could make a flower if I really wanted to.  I decided to work on roses since everyone starts with roses in hope that meant they would be the easiest flower.  I still don't know if they are the easiest but I gave it a good try.  I have some great teachers and I think they turned out ok.  This is the best rose of the bunch.  I haven't dusted it yet.  Hopefully, with a little color and dimension it will really be something to blog about!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

 I made this sweet Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake for Nevaeh's 2nd birthday.  My favorite part is the use of the Disney font on the stars for her name.  Happy Birthday Nevaeh!