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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My best gumpaste rose

All of my cake friends know that I do not like to make gumpaste flowers.  I'll try to start some flowers but I grumble about it the whole time.  I'll make gumpaste people or figures any day over working on flowers.  Flower just take so long! Can you hear the whining? I sound like my kids. However,  a couple of months ago I was determined to prove that I actually could make a flower if I really wanted to.  I decided to work on roses since everyone starts with roses in hope that meant they would be the easiest flower.  I still don't know if they are the easiest but I gave it a good try.  I have some great teachers and I think they turned out ok.  This is the best rose of the bunch.  I haven't dusted it yet.  Hopefully, with a little color and dimension it will really be something to blog about!


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