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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yellow & Silver Cupcake Wedding

I made over 200 cupcakes for Brita and Bryce's wedding reception this weekend. I also did a small cutting cake and my first gumpaste wedding topper!

The cupcakes were chocolate with oreo buttercream, lemon pound cake with vanilla buttercream and red velevet with cream cheese buttercream. Many of the cupcakes had fondant flower decorations.

I made a 6" cutting cake (chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream) for the top tier of the cupcake stand. I covered it in yellow fondant and white and yellow fondant flowers.

I am most proud of the bride and groom gumpaste toppers that I molded by hand. I was really worried about how they would turn out, but I am super happy with the end product.

I'm so happy with them I have included LOTS of pictures. Apparently, the more I like a cake, the more pictures I take. ;)

Congrats to Brita & Bryce!

Sweet Eats!

Since this is a blog about cake...and I love my kids about as much as I love cake (I kid :))...this is the best place to post pictures of kids eating cake. Isn't she sweet!

Hot Pink Bows & Zebra Print Cake

I made this hot pink and zebra print cake for an office baby shower. I had never done zebra print fondant before and I was super surprised by how easy it was and by how much I liked it when I was finished. Very dramatic and trendy at the same time.

This cake was a chocolate cake with my favorite chocolate buttercream (exactly what I would order for myself).

Sid the Science Kid Birthday Cake

Keegan's first birthday cake!

This cake was quite a challenge. I was really worried that I would not be able to translate the Muppet characters in a way that they would be recognizable in cake. However, I think it turned out really well. I spent a lot of time cutting out the characters and making sure that the colors were complimentary, and over all I'm pretty happy with it.

Pink Jungle Animals First Birthday Cake

Nevaeh's first birthday cake!

I made this cake to match the plates and decor that her mom had already purchased. The gumpaste animals were made from gumpaste, except the monkey which was made from modeling chocolate.

Star Wars Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for Austin's "real" birthday. I used the same Star Wars cutters that I bought from William Sonoma as I did to make the cookies in the previous post about Austin's Birthday. For these, I just rolled out the fondant, punched them out and let the dry out a bot before sticking them right on top of the cupcake. They were so easy and they look great!