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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Austin turns 5: A Star Wars Party

My little man is now 5!...and like all of the 5 year old boys I know he wanted to have a Star Wars party...and since I like to throw is what we came up with.

In an attempt to come up with a color scheme that wasn't as dark as the Star Wars films and graphics can be, I found this super cute clip art we used on the evite and thank you cards. The balloons and party ware were also blue, cobalt, orange and black. Still Star Wars but definitely more festive.

And of course, in this house, a majority of the party planning revolves around the cake. Here is a picture of the R2-D2 cake I made for the party. He took MANY hours but he was much loved!

I made this 'Happy Birthday' banner out of coordinating blue, cobalt, orange and black papers. I had to add a picture of Austin posing with his cake and decor in the background as well.

And a 'Welcome to the party' door sign also with matching graphic.

Here is a picture of Austin modeling one of the Jedi cloaks I made for all his little friends at the party.

They each got to take one home. Don't them look great!

We also made each child a lightsaber out of a pool noodle. We found pool noodles at the dollar store (what a deal) and just cut them in half and wrapped the bottom in duct tape to make a handle. This was a huge hit!

Especially since we tied balloons to ziploack bags filled with sand and taped pictures of the Star Wars 'bad guys' on them. We positioned them around the yard and the kids had the best time pummeling them with their new lightsabers.

I also had the Hubby make a 'hot lava pit' in the backyard. We took our kiddie pool and filled it with a little water. Then using cinder blocks and a 2x4 , made a beam that went accross the pool. The best part was the fog machine that we put inside the pool to make it really feel like a hot lava pit. There were many epic lightsaber battles at the hot lava pit that day.

We played a few Star Wars inspired games and then broke open the pinata. I made this soccer ball pinata look like the Death Star with a little time and a lot of paint. You can't tell in the picture but it's actually sparkly.

Each child also got to take home a package of Star Wars sugar cookies. I purchased the cutters at William Sonoma and they are awesome. They included Boba Fett, Yoda, a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader. For another way to use these cutters look for my Star Wars Cupcakes post.

A good tome was had by all, especially the birthday boy...and that's what really matters, right?!


Andria said...

love this party! HOW did you make that amazing cake?!?! please help as I'm in the throws of planning my son's #6 birthday in a month!

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