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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Astronaut Birthday Cake

So, I was asked to do an astronaut cake for Jamal's 5th birthday. The best part about this was that his mom knew exactly what she wanted. She had a picture of an exact cake she wanted me to replicate which made the design process super easy.

Jamal's mom was so excited about his cake that she asked me to take some pictures of the cake in process. You know what that means for you? More Pictures. Yeah!

I made this cake from a chocolate/vanilla swirl pound cake and filled it with my best chocolate buttercream. It's not often that I get to carve a cake and I wanted something that would hold up well and not fall apart when I cut into, so the pound cake worked out great!

This first pic is of the stacked cakes right after I carved the body of the rocket. I am always amazed at the amount of cake that I have to carve away and then throw out.

...add buttercream

...and fondant

...Voila! An almost finished rocket!

And what rocket doesn't need an astronaut...Molding people is quite a new thing for me but am pretty pround of how this little guys head turned out.

...Now for his space suit and helmet

And here it is...I wish the picture of the completed product was better so you could see all of the details. One of the things I loved was the hand painted silver stars all over the cake board and the moon that said 'Happy Birthday Jamal'.

So, Happy Birthday Jamal! I hope it was a blast!


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