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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have blogger guilt...

Dear friends and blog readers,

I am daily wracked with guilt that I have not posted a single thing for weeks now. Life has certainly gotten in my way of sitting down and writing about all of the fun things we have been doing. I have more posts and pictures than I know what to do with (which is making it even harder to get started). But have no fear, next week my life should slow down and return to a normal neck-breaking pace again. A neck-breaking pace will be a relief after this chicken-with-their-head-cut-off dance that I have been doing lately. There will be posts about birthday parties, the best choclate chip cookies ever, delicious high-hat cupcakes, and even a Dreamsicle Cupcake that ultimately failed.

I'll be excited to get all caught up because once I do I will be blogging and creating under a new name. Keep checking back for more info to come.

Thanks for reading,



Jeanetta said...

glad to hear you are too busy having fun and making new memories to be on here....
name change? i like the whimsical by design....I will for sure be checking back in with you.
have a great day.

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