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Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Summer Dresses for Anna

I'm not sure what it is about Spring that makes me want to make sweet little summer dresses for my little sweetie, Anna. I do know that this time of year I could spend hours in the fabric store. There is something to be said for the bright and cheery summer fabrics they have in stock right now that makes you believe that you must buy and use this beautiful fabric right now before summer is almost over (even though it's not even here yet). I convince myself that I must buy this fabric now and make the dress as soon as I get home, so as to get optimal wear out of this dress, since the summers here seem to be so short. So, here are dress #2 and #3 for the summer...I wish it would get warm enough for her to wear them.

For this dress I learned all about making ruffles. So fun! Now I want to put ruffles on everything!

This is so cute on Anna. I love the sleeves!

The back of the dress even has matching fabric covered buttons. I found a little kit at the craft store to this. It was so easy!


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