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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Austin's Angry Birds Birthday Cake

 So, after the huge Lego Party that was Austin's 6th birthday, he comes to me and says, "but I didn't get a birthday cake". Technically, that is true.  There were cupcakes at his party, along with many other goodies, but there was no 'special cake' made by mommy. So, I felt bad and since we planned his birthday party about a week and a half before his actual birthday I let him choose a cake theme for a cake I would make him on his true birthday.  I had no idea the detail he would provide for me when requesting and angry birds cake.  Not only was the design very specific but the birds had to be EXACT replicas.  I can not tell you how many times he came over to 'check on how I was doing' and offer his critiques.  Towards the end, I just had to grit my teeth and tell him that this was the best I could do.  I guess it's my fault for being a perfectionist that is raising a perfectionist.  I think it turned out pretty great.  Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you!

Austin turns 6...a Lego party!

It's that time of year again! (Well, not really this post is only 8 months overdo...)  Austin's 6th birthday is here and we had to make it a great one.

Austin has been in love with Legos for years now and it seemed about time we had an awesome Lego party.  There are lots of Lego party ideas out there but here is our version.  It was a blast and everyone had a great time!

This is my sweet boy on his big day.  We used the tradition Lego color palette and made everything to match. I even made Austin and his sister these super cute Lego t-shirts.  I used some directions I found online for freezer paper stencils and a little fabric paint from the craft store and voila...cuteness!

I found some Lego font online and had it printed at Kinko's on a large scale printer and glued it to this red foam core board. We had the perfect space to hang it across from the dessert table.  It made a huge impact for just a few dollars.

I found a great set of printable Lego party goods online and used them to add a lot of fun little details to the party.  The water bottle labels, 'happy birthday' flags, mini chocolate bar wrappers, thank you tags and coloring book all came from Anders Ruff at

Mini Lego chocolates

White chocolate covered Oreos with polka dot edible images

Lego marshmallow heads

Lego head fondant cupcake toppers

The Lego bricks in the background of this photo were empty Capri-Sun boxes wrapped in colored wrapping paper found at Target.

I also spent many months collecting large peanut butter jars so that I could paint them yellow and make large Lego head decorations like this one.  I think I had about 7 of them.  That's a lot of peanut butter!
The Lego man crayons were made from a ice tray mold I found at our local Lego store and the coloring book was also from  

This is the gift bag each child got at the end of the party! The Lego cars that each child made during the party were tucked inside as well.

Austin and his friends building Lego cars.

My wonderful husband built this ramp for the kids to race the Lego cars they built on.  It was a hit!

More building...

Grandpas love building too.

Happy Birthday to Austin.

I love this little guy and his sweet smile!