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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Other Recent Projects...

Although I haven't been working on very much cake the last few months, I have been working on some other crafty-type of projects. I thought maybe I'd share some of them here, more as a justification to myself of where the time has gone the last few months than because you all are the most loyal blog readers ever. :)

So, here they are...

Cocktail Umbrella Door Wreath

This was the easiest project ever. I bought a Styrofoam wreath form from Michaels and found a huge box of cocktail umbrellas at Cash N Carry. Both of these item were extremely inexpensive, around $5. Then, it was as easy as opening up the umbrellas and sticking them into the wreath so that all of the little umbrellas overlapped just a little. Easy, peasey!

Thank You cards from Anna's Birthday

These were a tad difficult with a wiggley three year old, but she was a trooper and stuck it out for around 30 of these cute cards. We painted the palm of her hard and her three middle fingers (because she turned 3) different colors and then pressed her hand onto white paper to make an impression. It was a little difficult to figure out the best way to do this without making a bunch of smears all over the paper, but after a few practice tries we figured it out. After the main portion dried I added the details and glued the pieces onto pink cards. I love how personal this project turned out so much I had to make an extra one for myself.

R2-D2 Painting for Austin's Star Wars room

We have re-done Austin's bedroom in a Star Wars theme. He has a lot of empty wall space and we were struggling with how to fill it. We really couldn't find any wall decorations that seemed right or appropriate. So, when in doubt, I make my own. I got this large canvas (2'x3') and painted it a navy blue. Then I went online and found a R2-D2 coloring page that I liked. I wanted the design to be simple and consist of just drawn lines. I scanned and enlarged the picture and then using transfer paper, sketched the deign onto the canvas. After that, I took a white paint pen and painted in the transfered lines. I think he is awesome. One of my favorite home projects yet.

Halloween Door Wreath

Also, a super duper easy wreath. I bought another Styrofoam wreath from the Michaels and then checked their dollar bin for all the Halloween type ribbon I could find. I just cut all of the d ribbon peices the same size and then tied them around the wreath, tying a knot on the outside. The peices of ribbon overlapped a bit so that you couldn't see the foam of the wreath. And that is all it took. It was so easy that I think I meed to make some more for different holidays.

Paint Chip Art

We have one huge wall in our living room that really needed some sprucing up. We have been looking for a peice of art to put there for a couple of years but have never found anything we like that is either big enough or is in our price range. I came accross this idea online and realized that it was a perfect fit for our space.

I went to Home Depot and bought one huge peice of MDF whihc they cut for me into three peices (2 peices measure 2'x3' and the third 3'x3'). After that, Anna and I took many trips to the Homoe Depot in order to aquire that mass amount of paint chips we needed to complete our project. Once we had enough paint chips, I cut them down to measure 3"x3". I spray painted all of the edges of the MDF a dark brown, shuffled the paint chips as best I could and used a spray adhesive to fix the chips to the board. After all the piant chips were secure, I painted Modge Podge over the entire thing. Lastly, I bought some dark brown stain and wiped it over the entire surface until it looked just a little distressed.

In this picture the boards are resting on our kitchen overhang. We plan on actually hanging them a few inches higher on the wall when we get the chance.

So, that's whaat I've been up to. Here's to more crafting soon!


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