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Friday, November 26, 2010

Mad Hatter Cake

I am so excited! I got to take a 3-day cake class from cake designer, Kaysie Lackey. Kaysie has won two Food Network Cake Challenges (so far) and a myriad of other awards. I have never taken a cake class before and now I am hooked. I am currently sitting here thinking.."what's next?" I learned so many new things about cake. Carving, stacking, was a great experience.

The best part is that we made the cake from a recipe that will hold up for a long period of time. This was made to be a display cake and therefore will be living in our kitchen for approximately 9-18 months. If you really want to see it, come on over.

Now, I just need an excuse to make more cake in order to use all my new knowledge. So...who needs cake?

Kaysie's Original Design

Kaysie and I with my unfinished cake

My final design


Anonymous said...

Oh I Love it :) Wish I was in your town so I could order it for my sisters 21st :) Great Job

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