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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Favorite Birthday Cake

It was my birthday a couple of week's ago, and many of you asked who makes my birthday cake. Well, I do. My husband is the best cook ever, but he does not bake and that's just fine with me since I love to do it.

This year I was thinking back and remembering the birthday cake my mom used to make for me. Oh, how I loved that cake. It is a chocolate cake piled with the best chocolate frosting you have ever tasted. So, I called my mom to see if she could dig up the old recipe and she found it!

The cake and frosting were simple enough to make and it tasted just as I remember it. I loved it. Now, if I take a step back and really try to critique it, it is not the best cake ever. It is interesting because for the large amount of liquid the cake recipe called for the cake is actually really dry and crumbly. The cake also lacks an intense chocolate flavor. But I must say, the chocolate frosting is still the best chocolate frosting that I've ever had. It is a milk chocolate frosting and although I usually prefer the cake over the frosting in most cases, this frosting you might just be able to eat all by itself (although probably only in small quantities :)).

This year, although I made the cake, my 4 year old son, Austin, was in charge of the decorating. The thick sugar "crust" lent and interesting and unique spin to my favorite chocolate birthday cake.

And that's just what it is. My favorite chocolate birthday cake. It may not be perfect or to anyone else's liking, but it is the birthday cake I love and will always love because it is the cake I have always had on my birthday.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5
All for sentimental reasons


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